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05ª OTI - May/1999

During the opening of the event, Dr. Helvécio Bueno, head of the Department of Information of the Secretariat of Health Policy of the Ministry of Health and coordinator of the Technical Secretariat of RIPSA, talked on the development of the works of the Network from the execution of the Fourth OTI, in October 7-8, 1998, emphasizing on the developments made during the period. Representing the Secretary of Health Policy of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Maria Angélica Gomes addressed the importance of information to the management process in the health sector and emphasized the need to improve the analytical component of the information, including to enable the review of the allocation of resources in the sector, and called out to the members of RIPSA to commit towards this.

On behalf of the Representative of PAHO in Brazil, Dr. Mozart de Abreu e Lima, member of the Technical Secretariat of RIPSA, welcomed the participants. Consequently he exposed in detail the RIPSA Products Operational Planning established for 1999 (POP-99), giving account of the fulfillment of the programmed activities. She also mentioned the recent approval of RIPSA at the plenary session of the National Health Council, where the functions of Inter-Sectorial Health Information Committee was attributed to OTI/RIPSA through Resolution 279 of 5/6/98.

The Workshop coordinated by Dr. Helvécio Bueno and aided by Dr. Mozart de Abreu e Lima, completely executed the proposed work program. The meeting ended with Dr. Jacobo Finkelman, Representative of PAHO in Brazil, who showed his satisfaction in following-up the works developed by RIPSA, which he considered an experience to be used in other Brazilian fields as well as in other countries of the Region of Americas.

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